• Virtual reality for surgical practice

    Master surgery through realistic and interactive virtual immersion

  • Stakes

    Training surgeons and their teams: a lever for a better healthcare risk management


    A constantly-changing industry

    • Recent innovation of medical packages
    • Quick renewal of medical techniques
    • Recent introduction of new technologies in operating rooms


    Decisive needs for training

    • Necessity of the learning by doing approach: "never with a patient for the first time" (Haute Autorité de Santé)
    • Continuous training requirements for health professionals
    • Initial training stakes for operating room teams as a whole


    Training through virtual reality

    • Simulation becomes the frame of reference for surgical training
    • For teams in operating rooms
    • For both initial and continuous training
  • Our ambitions

    Contribute to risk management in relation to surgical acts 

    Offer aptitude & practical skills evaluation tools

    Reinforce the training of professionals to surgical techniques & medical processes

    Offer training units tailored to healthcare professionals' needs

  • Our solution

    Simulating surgical operations through realistic & interactive immersion

    Cutting-edge technology & biomechanical and medical engineering

    The training units make use of technologies that are best suited to the needs of both individual and collective training. The complementarity of technical teams allows to reproduce the realism of the operating room, of surgical tools, and even doctor-patient interactions.

    Medical excellence & innovative teaching methods

    The training units are conceived from surgical practice and from the analysis of skills acquisition needs. Teaching based on work expertise is at the heart of units conception.

    Professional development

    The new segment in the learning and professional development process for surgical teams : surgeons, interns, operating rooms' nurses, nurse anaesthetists.

  • Benefits of virtual immersion for professional development

    Memorizing - Gradual learning - Stress management


    Realism - Accessibility - Success assessment

  • Your needs

    You are...

    An industrialist specialised in medical devices

    A healthcare facility

    An university, a surgical school, ...

  • News

    VirtualiSurg participates in the Congress of the AFC 2018 (Visceral Surgery) September 19/21 (Palais des Congrès Paris)

    One year after winning the FrenchTech/AFC Health Innovation Award, VirtualiSurg returns to present its new simulators to expert surgeons around the key topics of innovation in digestive surgery and patient safety.

    Virtualisurg Attends the 23RD WORLD CONGRESS
    OBESITY AND METABOLIC DISORDERS – Dubai 26/28 September 2018

    Great recognition for our multidisciplinary research team and our partners (@CRI, @Institut Montsouris). The results of our work on the performance of training by virtual reality are presented on a poster selected by the scientific committee ("Interest of virtual reality (VR) simulation for surgical learning: VR single port sleeve gastrectomy"). Surgeons visiting the Dubai Congress were able to get acquainted with this outcome and exchange with our experts on site.

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